A little background…

Andreas Sandström
Born in Umeå, Sweden, 1974.
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Grant Watkins
Born in Irving, TX, USA
Lives and works in Östra Vemmerlöv, Sweden

Since 2010, we have engaged in a common artistic practice in order to explore concepts such as nature, atmosphere, space and time. We are interested in the potential of art to create new spaces and emotional responses in the viewer. We have had a number of comprehensive exhibitions and presented our work under the name timeslice.

The foundation of timeslice was developed in the shared studio, but since 2013 we have found new ways of working outside the studio environment. We use painting, sculpture and installation in site-specific works to investigate the material’s and the room’s intrinsic energy and produce new pieces for each exhibition.

Time and light are key components of timeslice. Our artwork makes use of the different qualities of the day and allows the viewer to become part of our aesthetic world and consider their own existence through our lens.

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Andreas & Grant