Fwd: Group Show – hangmenProjects: November 27!

We have been invited to participate in a group exhibition at hangmenProjects in Stockholm on the 27th of November.
We don’t know what we are going to show yet, but we have started our collaborative process. Since we are separated by 620 km of pavement, our work starts through e-mail, telephone conversations, and other modern means of communication.
In this post we will literally be discussing what to do for the show at Hangmen Projects. This is a transcription from our most recent telephone conversation translated into English. By sharing this raw material, we are allowing the evolution of our work to be as open as possible. We would like to add a new perspective to our work and hopefully provide some valuable insight into the creative process along the way.
In a few weeks, we will be following up with documentation of our work, images from the exhibition and a summary of the creative process. Until then, keep in touch on social medias!
A     Did you see the latest e-mail i sent you?
G     No, I haven’t seen it.
A     No? OK, I forwarded it from Hangmen.
G     OK.
A     They want a few lines, or photos, or whatever, about what we want to show. They are going to start receiving works next week apparently, it seems very spontaneous the whole thing.
G     Yeah.
A     But, its not something we need to get stressed out about, it depends on what we are going to do…
G     Yeah, I was thinking… Well, I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, or if you have a plan? 
A     No, I don’t have a plan, I was just thinking, if we want to build something site-specific, it would be nice to be the two of us.
G     Yeah, I know.
A     Otherwise, I don’t know, what is your plan?
G     No, I don’t have a plan, but I thought that maybe we could do something with Forest Blue. Just kind of ignore the room and hang a few of those.
A     Yeah, sure, we could do that. I think i have some here, or do I? I think I just have one actually.
G     I don’t know, I have a few.
A     Hmm, it seemed like, well you’ll see the e-mail later, but it seems like they want to max out the place, that they want a lot of things, but there are quite a few people that will be showing, maybe like ten or so
G     Yeah, I don’t really have any idea about the room.
A     No, its not all that big. How big could it be? Maybe the whole place is 160 square meters altogether. Like one big room where the exhibition usually is and a hallway and a little kitchen and a really small meeting room there. But its really that big room that is the exhibition space.
G     OK.
A     But, it’s on the Internet, I don’t know about the measurements, but you can check it out and get an idea. Its not tiny, but Its not very big either.
G     I had a little idea, I was thinking about that piece, the camera sculpture, La Camera.
A     Yeah?
G     But like in plasterboard and 2x2s.
A     To make the room that it will be shown in?
G     Yeah, like, pretty crude, but still a pretty small model. I was thinking about the space, and how you build exhibitions, kind of make-believe.
A     Like backdrops.
G     That it’s the same materials, that we make a sculpture based on the room, but, instead of it being really nice, that its like…
A     Trashy.
G     Yeah, or maybe it can be well-made, but that its still trashy materials.
A     Right, with found materials or something like that, maybe. Or with cardboard and small pieces of wood or something like that.
G     Yeah, I think it would be nice with plasterboard, I think that would look nice. Since it’s paper on the outside, and if you look at it from the top its paper and white. I like the idea of plaster having some kind of connection to classic sculpture.
A     Yeah.
G     And those 2x2s, that are like too crude to make a nice piece, but, I don’t know, that maybe it could be playful.
A     Well, what I would like, I don’t know your situation, economically, if you can come up here and all that. But my idea was that we would promise them a few works.
G     What did you say, that we would…
A     That we would promise them a few works, that we will have like two or three pieces, and then, that we have a couple of days that we just work on them, that we go out and find things, maybe take Forest blue and mix it up.
G     Mm.
A     And make it kind of like a workshop for us as well.
G     Yeah.
A     It seems like one of those occasions that it would be cool to do that. But then, we could do something new and mix it with something old that would be significant for us, for what we’ve done earlier.
G     Yeah.
A     That would be ideal for me. But I think we should do something playful.
G     Mm.
A     And they are, Forest Blue are actually pretty playful.
G     Yeah, and they are really nice, and I think they stand out in an exhibition. In a group show, I think that they are less trashy when there are among other works.
A     Absolutely.
G     Than if they are among a bunch of boxes and stuff like that.
A     Yeah. I kind of felt like doing that, haven’t we talked about that? Before? I felt like finding one of those bases with an iron rod that you can spike things on, that you find.
G     No, I’m not sure if we’ve talked about that.
A     No, OK. But we talked earlier about something, that we could have like a square meter of something, things that we find, that we stack things on top of each other.
G     Oh yeah, right.
A     I feels like, maybe not exactly that, but we should make something unexpected for ourselves as well. It feels like, if we show a video, that it might seem a little flat. It could work, but it also feels kind of expected of us to do that.
G     Yeah, I think that it is difficult with the one’s that we have in a room like that. I think, what I think we should do next, the next video I think should be more narrative, or more human.
A     Mm.
G     A little more in the direction that we have talked about, with a character, or a situation or something.
A     Mm. Yeah, absolutely, I think so to, we need to mix it up.
G     Something that can be shown on a monitor, something that can be sent on a DVD, or a file… That is a little less painting.
A     Yeah, right.
G     So, we could do that in relation to that other stuff, if we were going to do some kind of workshop piece, that we could film that.
A     That we do it now, for example, that we document it in a film.
G     Right.
A     Yeah, I think one thing that’s nice, even if it’s kind of worn-out, is the aspect of the deríve, when you walk around. Like when we were in Berlin, it feels like you just walk around. You walk around in circles until you start recognizing where you are, and then there’s certain patterns of where you’ve been.
G     Yeah.
A     That is something we could do, but a little more fun. We can go and look for material, for example.
G     Yeah, right.
A     I don’t really know, it’s just a sketchy idea, but…
G     Yeah, and then if we can tie that in with the light and composition, time and so on. By using video, with the image, you know, film can have that function, that aesthetic, or framework somehow.
A     Mm.
G     It could be nice if it ended up just being a film as well.
A     About this?
G     Yeah, or that the film was the final product.
A     Mm.
G     Like, for instance, stacking, or looking for things, working… That it became a kind of film.
A     Yeah, that could be very interesting. Hmm. If we have those kinds of ideas, like you were talking about, La Camera, but trash-La-Camera, and then we try to make something. We can film everything no matter what. And then we can see what we want to do at the end.
G     Yeah, like if we work with the room, try to take on the room somehow, and we start somewhere and then see where it ends up. And if it ends up being a film about the process, then we put it together with an aesthetic framework.
A     Right. And then we can use the room itself is a starting point in itself, we can film that as well. And then we can edit it, we can make a narrative out of that, somehow, based on what we do.
G     Yeah.
A     I definitely think we should do something interesting, we shouldn’t make it easy for ourselves.
G     No.
A     We can think of it like that trip to the mountains that we’ve been talking about.
G     Yeah, exactly.
A     We are going to make something…
G     At Södermalm.
A     On a trip, to Söder. And then we’ll see where we end up. But I think that it feels like it’s been a long time since we worked with the process. Like, outside, since we worked together like that.
G     Yeah.
A     So, I think that’s a good idea. I don’t know how we should present it to them, they are going to make a press release soon, at the end of the week as far as i understood. And they need a few lines and all that.
G     It seems like, if there is mainly the opening, and we are there and everything, that it kind of ties in with the website, communication, and so on. Since we will be there, and we can talk to people, that it doesn’t have to be representative of our whole body of work, but rather open up a dialogue about our work.
A     However, I think that it is important that there is… Now it sounds like you mean some kind of non-object, or?
G     No, not really, I am just open, I’m not thinking of anything in particular.
A     No? 
G     I just think, maybe it’s not totally representative of our other pieces. The way it sounds, but…
A     No, it’s not really, and I think that’s really fun. I think what is probably just as important is the work we do there, at the opening.
G     Mm.
A     And that’s one of the things about group exhibitions, that there probably won’t be a lot of space, and others will probably want to take up a lot of space. That it will be kind of a chaotic exhibition, but its a good opportunity to do something different as well.
G     Yeah.
A     Because they’ll see on the website, it’s pretty clear now on the website what we are doing, if you see the other works, the ones that we can’t show there, they can see the possibilities in a completely different exhibition.
G     Mm.
A     I think it would be fun to just come up with ideas while we work. I think if our starting point is that we have an idea about something then we see what happens with it.
G     Yeah, exactly.
A     I think it’s a good opportunity to meet a lot of people and a good chance to give something, that we make something unexpected.
G     It’ll be something unexpected for us as well.
A     Yeah, we’ll see how we can explain it to them.
G     That shouldn’t be a problem, we can just say that we are going to show some kind of video and some kind of sculpture. 
A     Mm.
G     And if that changes along the way, then we’ll just have to adapt.
A     And tomorrow, we’re supposed to publish something as well.
G     Yeah, do you have any ideas.
A     No, not anything fun really.
G     No, ´cause otherwise, I was thinking maybe we could make a summary of this.
A     Of what we are going to do?
G     Yeah, I think that we could take what we’ve been talking about now, we can discuss the project, and talk about the process now. And then we can present the results later after the show.
A     Yeah, and then we can interconnect it with this.
G     Yeah, now that we’ve been talking about this for awhile, we should have enough to write a post…
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