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Project 12@hangmenprojects

Another Day, An Other Day, 2015, 4:20, 3-Channel Video Installation


The exhibition Project 12 is open three more days this week from Thursday to Saturday. Don’t miss it!

Thanks to everybody at hangmenProjects that helped put together the show, and thanks everybody who came to the opening last Friday, it was great to talk with old friends and new ones.

We made new work for the exhibition – the video installation in the corner of the gallery space as pictured above. Inspired by the classic dérive, we explore the image of nature through intervention and contemplation in this video triptych. We physically explore the landscape as seen through the lens of the camera, alter time in the moving images, and play with scale and intimacy in the presentation.


One man slowly makes his way through the landscape.

One man transposes the gallery space to the landscape.

One small landscape binds them together.


A special thanks to Thomas Watkiss for letting us use Asleep In The Last Years Of Light from the WHOTE album Align

Check out our discussion before the show.


November 27 – December 12
Open during exhibitions:
Thursday & Friday 14.00-18.00
Saturday 13.00-17.00
(or by appointment)

Ringvägen 76

Ringvägen 86, Stockholm
Entrance from the backyard!
Find your way!

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