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What We Did Last Summer


In the summer of 2016…


We hired a helicopter to take us to the edge of nowhere, and it did leave us there as we wished.



We pitched our tent near a beautiful canyon, and there we did have shelter for many days.



We filled our cups with water from the stream, and we did drink.



We cast out our shiny lures into the shallow pools and caught fish that we did eat.



After dinner, Andreas did not succumb to laziness. No, he did tidy up and wash our dishes with sand and soap in the stream.



Without knowing the time of day, we rose from our slumber. We made fire with which to boil water, and in our cups we mixed the steaming water with instant coffee which we did indeed drink with great pleasure.



As we drank our coffee and rested after a fatty breakfast, we mounted our GR1s onto our tripod and used the camera’s self-timer, and it did take a portrait of us.



And by day we packed light and lived off the land, and though we did cover many miles by foot and see many sights, we did not encounter other humans.



When the sky was many shades of blue, and the light was such that it cast shadows across the rock basin just so, we did use our GR1s to take photographs of found objects.



And the rough surfaces of some of these found objects we altered with a soft tool covered in intricate patterns of diamonds, and they did become smooth to the touch.



And lo, after many days, it was time for us to return to our families. We packed all our possessions in our backpacks that were passed down from our fathers, and we did walk many miles in sunshine and rain. Across tundra and marshes, along cliff-sides and mountain-top lakes, in the paths of reindeer we did wander.


And in the morning we woke to the clang of the the lead-reindeer’s bell,  and we trod on through the swampy woods and crossed the bridge-less rapids, and by the second afternoon we did find the car unharmed and we did get in. 

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